Transforming the viewing experience

Vuu is a plug and play solution that adds instant value to your media content. Whatever your viewing audience is interested in, our community-driven platform will be able to provide.


Satisfy your viewers' curiosity by being their onscreen, real-time source of answers


Find out who is in the scene right now


Discover where the scene was filmed


Learn more about what you’re watching


Get info about interesting items


Explore and listen to the soundtrack

Vuu is unique

Our content is community-built: by those that know, for those that want to know. No more aimless Google searches and endless trawling of websites, no more mindless aggregated content. Vuu is a way to find and share unique information that matters to casual viewers and fans alike.

Vuu is smart

Whether you are barely into the opening credits or halfway through a movie, our platform knows. It means we can be smart about what we share with you. Rather than giving viewers a static collection of knowledge or a single list of answers, we can show what is relevant, when it is relevant.

Made with passion, built for growth

Vuu fuels growth

Vuu adds to your ability to grow or differentiate as a content provider by creating new ways to commercialise your viewers' curiosity.

We would love to get to know you and satisfy your curiosity about how Vuu works.

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