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Discover whatever stokes your curiosity and inspires your imagination. Search with purpose, spend all day browsing content you can also create. And who knows? You might even learn something new about a show or movie you thought you knew everything about — the possibilities are endless.

Do you ever find yourself looking up a beautiful beach that you just saw in that one movie? Ever wonder what actress just appeared onscreen in the show you’re binging? Or do you ever wish you could find that iconic jacket that your favorite character wears?

You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to a better way to find and share information that matters to you.

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Natalia Artemova Frontend Developer
Brage Bang Community & Partnership Manager
Alastair Brunton Chief Technology Officer
Noelia Franco Frontend Developer
Laurent Gaches Fullstack Developer
Karolina Gójska Senior Content Specialist
Sebastian Hoppe Product Manager
Tomasz Idzi iOS Developer
Ivan Kropotov System reliability and development
Dag Lausund Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Richard Lyon Fullstack Developer
Marius Maaseide Chief Design Officer
Yonatan Mittlefehldt iOS developer
Dorin Strimbu Backend Developer
Christian Strømmen Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Veeranjaneyulu Toka Computer Vision Engineer
Nadav Winograd Team Lead at Vuu Poland
Sandy Zhao Content Manager
Kristian Bruarøy Strategic Consultant (external)

Meet the board of directors

Frans Jozef Rutjes, Chairman Founder & CEO at Hey-Ho Let's Go, UK Previous: CMO/Innovation Officer at Unilabs, Switzerland
Bjørn Erik Reinseth CEO at Foinco AS Previous: Partner, Ferd Capital.
Bjørn Oscar Kløvning Partner and sales manager at Skipsteknisk and Chairman at Pir Invest III
Dag Lausund Co-founder and CMO at Vuu Previous: Founder and CEO at InnoTown. CMO at Stokke