Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

Back to the future, 1985

Do you ever find yourself looking up that beautiful beach that you just saw in this one movie? Ever wonder who that actress is that just appeared onscreen in your show? Or do you ever wish you could find that specific jacket that your favorite character uses?

Have you had heated discussions with friends about who will end up on the Iron Throne, the Upside Down, who the Man in Black really is, or the accuracy of the human portrayals in The Crown? Or perhaps you just want a more social experience when watching your movies and shows?

Well then, Vuu is made for you.

Vuu is a revolutionary new platform that will forever change the way we watch TV series and movies. And it’s launching this year.

Q4 2018
iOS | Android | Web

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Work @Vuu?

Currently, we’re growing our design and development team from the ground up. Given the competitive nature of our industry and the app development space, we're keeping our efforts to ourselves for the time being. But we'd love to give the right person the grand tour, and the option to join an exciting new startup in its early stages.

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Alastair Brunton Backend Developer
Jaycee Day Product Manager
Noelia Franco Frontend Developer
Laurent Gaches Fullstack Developer
Tomasz Idzi iOS Developer
Sebastian Kreutzberger Chief Technology Officer
Dag Lausund Chief Marketing Officer
Marius Maaseide Chief Design Officer
Christian Pritchard Chief Sales Officer
Dorin Strimbu Backend Developer
Christian Strømmen Chief Executive Officer
Veeranjaneyulu Toka Computer Vision Engineer
Sandy Zhao Community Manager